Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010

The Roots Of Doom: Operation Doomsday

Ich will gar nicht viel sagen, denn es gibt viel zu hören.
Die wichtigsten Eckdaten in Kurzform:
Mix, Lord Wilson, MF Doom, Samples, Tracks, Operation Doomsday, ne Menge Research und noch mehr Spaß mit fast schon in Vergessenheit geratenen Oldies und Musikperlen. Doom hat echt Geschmack...

Bei wem der Appetit jetzt angeregt wurde, zieht sich das Ding hier und exklusiv!

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The Roots Of Doom - Operation Doomsday by bumblino

Inhalte sind wie folgt:

The Time We Faced Doom (Skit)
Roy Ayers - No Stranger To Love (The Time We Faced Doom)
Les Baxter - Hogin' Machine (Doomsday)
Sade - Kiss Of Life (Doomsday)
James Ingram - One Hundred Ways (Rhymes Like Dimes)
The S.O.S. Band - The Finest (The Finest)
Melvin Van Peebles - Reggin' Hanging On In There As Best As They Can (The Finest)
Melvin Van Peebles - Won't Bleed Me (The Finest)
Back In The Days (Skit)
The Spinners - Ain't No Price On Happiness (Go With The Flow)
Thomas Timmy - Sexy Woman (Go With The Flow)
The Beatles - Glass Onion (Tick Tick)
The Deele - Shoot 'Em Up Movies (Red and Gold)
The Hands Of Doom (Skit)
The New Birth - Got To Get A Knutt (The Hands Of Doom)
Yusef Lateef - Eastern Market (Who You Think I Am?)
Skull Snaps - It's A New Day (Who You Think I Am?)
Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit)
The New Scooby-Doo Movies (Theme Song) (Hey!)
Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin (Operation: Greenbacks)
Isaac Hayes - Our Day Will Come (Operation: Greenbacks)
Atlantic Starr - All In The Name Of Love (The Mic)
Atlantic Starr - Always (Dead Bent)
Isaac Hayes - Walk On By (Dead Bent)
Steely Dan - Black Cow (Gas Drawls)
Isaac Hayes - Vykkii (Questionmark ?)
George Duke - For Love (I Come Your Friend) (I Hear Voices Pt.1)

Peace...and give Feedback!

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