Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

lost in thought 4+5

yo leute,heute stelle ich mal wieder eine etwas aeltere mischkassette von mir vor!

u.a drauf vertreten:
organized konfusion,big l,slum village,jugganots,masta killa,the nonce,akinyele,finsta bundy,above the law,diamond d,the pharcyde,mf doom und mehr.

einsteigen bitte!


big l - interview
big l - stretch and bobbito 95' pt 2 freestyle
madvillian - space ho's coast to coast
scienz of life - metapphysics
showbiz and ag - 40 acres and my props
diamond d - i went for mine
dream warriors - no dingbats allowed
the nonce - keep it on
slum village - estimate
jay dee - let's take it back
masta killa - ringing bells
notorious big - one more chance
l'roneous - manifesto
intelligent hoodlum - death row
black moon - black smif n wesson
ll cool j - mama said knock you out
omniscience - everybody's got an ego
ice cube - a bird in the hand
the pharcyde - on the dl
finsta bundy - boogie spirit
gangstarr - code of the streets
eric b & rakim - kick along
maw - no knock (the knowledge)
main source - hellavision
jugganots - a rainy saturday
street poets - 209a
organized konfusion - keep it koming
above the law - set free
akinyele - checkmate
half a mill - another homocide
delinquent habits - lower eastside
cypress hill - when the shit goes down (diamond d remix)
smif-n-wessun - cession at tha doghouse
lords of the underground - what u see
large pro - for my people

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